Sewing References


metric conversion guide

Sewing Fabric Metric Conversion Guide

This handy metric conversion guide will help you to convert fabric measurements, seam allowances and more.

sewing professional quality seams

Beginner's Guide to Sewing Professional-Quality Seams

Start sewing precise, professional-quality seams! Find out how with the 5 step-by-step tutorials in the free, downloadable guide.

sewing lingerie

Sewing Lingerie: 3 Printable Tutorials

Download this bundle of 3 Lingerie Sewing Tutorials, and get ready to say "Oo la la!" as sewing expert Christine Haynes guides you through sewing your own elegant undergarments.

basic pillow sewing

Sewing Stylish Pillows - Simplified!

Add a touch of comfort to your home with plush pillows! Download Craftsy's exclusive home decor PDF guide to discover 3 full-length tutorials for sewing handcrafted pillows!

Fitting Fundamentals for Sewers

Fitting Fundamentals for Sewers

Learn fitting fundamentals for sewing breathtaking projects that flatter any body style!

winding a bobbin

Successfully Winding a Bobbin

Starting your sewing journey off right and learn how to wind a bobbin with simple, step-by-step instructions!

threading a sewing machine

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Discover the easy way to thread a sewing machine - no owner's manual required. You'll be well on your way to creating the lovely handcrafted projects of your dreams!

using a zipper foot

Using a Zipper Foot

Get ready to add zippers, details and trim to all your hand-sewn projects with this free online tutorial for using your sewing machine's zipper foot!

threading a bobbin

How to Thread a Bobbin

Avoid tangled thread messes and begin each sewing project with ease when you learn the best method for threading a bobbin in this free online class!

sewing articles

Read Sewing Articles

Craftsy's got the DIY, how to, and informational articles you need when you are learning sewing, & advancing your sewing techniques.

sewing blog psots

The Craftsy Sewing Blog

The Craftsy Sewing Blog is your one-stop resource for professional patterns, expert tips and tricks, and stylish projects you'll want to make right away.

project planner workshet

Crafty Project Planner Worksheet

Preparing for all your creative ventures is easy with a free printable project planning worksheet. Outline notes, supplies, project names and more!

printable to do list

To-Do List

Organize your weekly schedule, avoid forgetting important tasks and prioritize essential items with a fun (free!) printable weekly to-do list!

handmade clothing care tag

Handmade Clothing Care Tag

Try out these charming clothing care instruction tags to ensure your loveliest handcrafted items are handled properly.

gift tag

"Handmade with Love" Gift Tags

Print out these sweet personalized gift tags to add that extra heartwarming touch to all your treasured homemade projects and gifts!