knitting stitches guide

Knitting Stitches You Need to Know

Stitch your way to knitted joy by mastering seven essential stitches. Download this guide today!

types of yarn

How to Choose and Use the Right Type of Yarn Every Time

Becoming a better knitter starts with knowing your yarn. Gear up for fiber know-how and savvy yarn selection with this FREE guide!

knitting in the round

Knitting In the Round Made Easy

Knitting in the Round Made Easy is a free guide full of tips, tricks and photo tutorials that will help you get started with beautiful circular knitting.

knitting abbreviations

Need-to-Know Knitting Abbreviations

Never get stumped by a weird knitting abbreviation again! Download this handy one-page list and get the quick answers you need anytime.

guide to sock knitting

Success With Sock Knitting

Ready to start knitting your own socks? Download this free PDF guide full of essential tips and techniques you need for sock-cess.

metric conversion guide

Yarn Metric Conversion Guide

This handy metric conversion guide will help you to convert yarn weight, needle sizes and more.

sweater designs

20+ Sweater Designs You'll Love to Knit

Knit stunning sweaters! Download Craftsy's exclusive sweater knitting PDF eGuide to discover tips, tricks and more for incredible sweater designs.

Knitter's Guide to No-Fuss Finishing

The Knitter's Guide to No-Fuss Finishing

FREE guide! Learn essential finishing techniques you can use to bring out the true beauty in any knitting project.

knitting articles

Knitting Articles

Craftsy's got the DIY, how to, and informational articles you need when you are learning knitting, & advancing your knitting techniques.

knitting blog posts

The Craftsy Knitting Blog

Enjoy endless knitting inspiration daily on the Craftsy Knitting Blog!

project planner workshet

Crafty Project Planner Worksheet

Preparing for all your creative ventures is easy with a free printable project planning worksheet. Outline notes, supplies, project names and more!

printable to do list

To-Do List

Organize your weekly schedule, avoid forgetting important tasks and prioritize essential items with a fun (free!) printable weekly to-do list!

handmade clothing care tag

Handmade Clothing Care Tag

Try out these charming clothing care instruction tags to ensure your loveliest handcrafted items are handled properly.

gift tag

"Handmade with Love" Gift Tags

Print out these sweet personalized gift tags to add that extra heartwarming touch to all your treasured homemade projects and gifts!