baking for beginners

Baking Essentials for Beginners

Unlock the ultimate guide to baking! From must-have basics to 20 hacks you need to know, discover the tips, tricks and techniques that will make your baking better than ever.

best chicken recipes

The Best Chicken Recipes for Simple, Satisfying Dinners at Home

When was the last time you felt excited about chicken for dinner? Transform weeknight meals from bland to bold with tips, tutorials and delicious recipes for chicken dishes that delight!

free weekly meal planner

Free Weekly Meal Planner Template

Use this handy Weekly Meal Planner Template to save time and money at the store!

doughnut recipes you can make at home

Delicious Doughnut Recipes You Can Make at Home

Learn how to make doughnuts for delicious, crave-worthy breakfast pastries you can make at home with this FREE downloadable doughnut recipe eGuide!

the basics of bread making

Bread Making Basics eGuide

Take the guesswork out of bread making! Download the Craftsy exclusive baking bread PDF eGuide to discover foolproof tips, tricks and recipes for crafting delicious artisan bread in your own kitchen!

I Can't Believe It's Not Store-Bought: 6 DIY Pantry Staples

I Can't Believe It's Not Store-Bought: 6 DIY Pantry Staples

Trying to eat fewer processed foods? Download this free guide, and stock your pantry with homemade essentials like butter, confectioners? sugar and more.

How to Build Your Best Breakfast

From Brunch to Busy Mornings: How to Build Your Best Breakfast

Whether quick or leisurely, cook your best breakfast with these essential techniques and tips! Download the free guide and start thinking outside the cereal box

royal icing techniques for sugar cookies

Royal Icing Techniques For Sugar Cookies

Use royal icing to create the most beautiful sugar cookies around! Find out how with the 6 tutorials in this free, Craftsy-exclusive guide.

ultimate chocolate baking guide

Death by Chocolate: The Ultimate Chocolate Baking Guide

Create a slew of decadent chocolate desserts (and drinks!) with the FREE Guide!

cooking metric conversion guide

Metric Conversion Guide

Use this handy conversion guide to convert measurements, temperature and more.

how to chop an onion

How to Chop an Onion

Tears be gone! Learn to chop an onion with expert speed and precision, sans waterworks, in this free online class.

how to chop herbs

How To Chop Herbs

Discover expert chefs' chopping tips and tricks to unlock the bright flavor of garden-fresh herbs in your own dishes with this free cooking class.

how to cut a pineapple

How To Cut a Pineapple

Learn the best method for slicing whole pineapple to tackle this tricky tropical fruit with ease and precision!

how to cut butternut sqush

How to Cut Butternut Squash

Check out this free online class to learn a safe, easy and simple method for slicing and chopping butternut squash. Prep this notoriously tricky veggie with confidence.

how to chop veggies

How to Chop Vegetables

Bring master chef skills to your own cutting board with tips and tricks for cutting vegetables from carrots to peppers and beyond, with with expert speed and accuracy.

knife sharpening

How To Sharpen Knives

Never deal with a dull knife again! In this free online class, enhance your culinary prowess with step-by-step instruction on sharpening your knives the right way.

homemade recipes

Food & Cooking Recipes

Check out these delicious recipes on Craftsy! They are your exclusive sneak peak at some of the many recipes available in our Food & Cooking classes.

food and cooking blog posts

The Craftsy Food & Cooking Blog

Rule the kitchen with our experts' posts on conquering tricky techniques, making mouthwatering meals, and more on the Craftsy Food & Cooking Blog.

homemade food gift tags

Homemade Food Gift Tags

These free printable labels are the perfect tag for putting the finishing touch on all of your edible gifts!

recipe cards

Homemade Recipe Cards

Keep favorite recipes at the ready! Download and print this free recipe card template to easily record and store your best handcrafted dishes.