Zip Bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Figuring out how to sew on the zipper - it's been a long time! I could not understand the directions so went to YouTube and quickly found a demo that worked just fine!! I had to go back and make the zipper tighter and fix a few things, but I like the final product. I'm making one for each of my two sisters. My younger sister liked the colors in the little cell phone holder I posted some time ago, so I used the same ones for her bag. Also like that the directions called for using denim for the batting to give the bag some heft. I cut up an old pair of blue jeans and recylced the cloth.... funny to think of them in this pretty little bag! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I did not do the quilting the way they suggested because I could not figure out how to draw the lines. So I just started with a good angle and then used my pressure foot as a guide to judge the distance between the quilting lines. It's not perfect, but I like the look.

Q&A with Marie Withrow

Murielle Doucet asked:
Love it! Great work nice fabric, love the color!
Marie Withrow answered:
Thank you - it was fun to make and not as hard as I thought it would be!
Pianopaws1799395 asked:
Found the basic instructions.. Thank You!!
Marie Withrow answered:
Great! It was fun to make and not very hard. If you have any trouble with the zipper I'm sure you can find the tutorials I have used on YouTube!
bobbieack0 asked:
I would like to get these patterns for the cell phone.
Marie Withrow answered:
I posted a new cell phone cover in purple with directions - just search for it and should be able to find it!
billiejm27725858 asked:
Where is the pattern for this? I thought I bought it and I cant find it to download. Thank you.
Marie Withrow answered:
Hi, I did not post this pattern as I found it in a book. See the comments above where I give the book and page number where this can be found. Basically, you create four log cabin squares. Then you sew two together so that you have two sides of the bag. I think the size is for a 9" zipper so your rectangles at that point are about 9" by 5". After that I put the fabric on batting and did some simple quilting. Then, follow the directions for putting a zip bag together using this online tutorial on YouTube: Hope this helps!
billiejm27725858 asked:
I keep getting this prove your a human and not a robot thing anyone else getting it on this site?
Marie Withrow answered:
Please see my answer to your last question above.