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ZigZag Tessalation

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KarenFSP made ZigZag Tessalation with:

Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

Online Class

Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

with Peggy Martin

  • Indonesian Batiks

Q&A with KarenFSP

Peggy Martin asked:
Very nice! Great effect with the beautiful batik against the white!
KarenFSP answered:
Thank you, Peggy. I am becoming a great fan of batiks.
Tanya W. asked:
It's very nice, you did a great job with your colors and the direction!
KarenFSP answered:
Thank you, Tanya. I wanted the tessalation to show rather than it looking like a checkerboard. At first I thought whirlaway would do that, but as I studied it I think this shows the tessalation as much as whirlaway.
Eliseorn asked:
Really great, both your choice of color and the pattern.
KarenFSP answered:
Thank you.
flyinggeese asked:
I love it
KarenFSP answered:
Thank you.
swkathrs6771528 asked:
I am going to try this tessellation pattern with the math tessellation quilting project I'm starting with my 4th-5th grade students. Any pointers on how to cut out these sharp pieces and put them together for each block? Thanks!
KarenFSP answered:
I did not have to cut out the sharp pointy pieces. This is a paper piecing project that is part of a class on the Craftsy platform. I used the paper pattern and strips of fabric that were probably 2-3 inches wide. The class is Quick-Strip Paper Piecing by Peggy Martin. This is her zigzag pattern.

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