Zig Zag Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That she really loved it! What advice would you give someone starting this project? It's not a difficult quilt - the only thing is the size - if it was smaller, it'd be easier to make. This is a really heavy quilt, good for those cold winter nights. I made sure that I double sewed the seams and when quilting, I sewed on top of the satin stripe.

What you will need

  • Cotton material
  • satin for the middle stripe and binding
  • two-sided pre quilted material for the back
  • high loft polyester batting
  • thread
  • sewing supplies & tools.

Q&A with Deena

kberry asked:
This quilt is just lovely! would you mind sharing the measurements of the pieces with me please? Thank you for sharing.
Deena answered:
Thanks for the comment - OK- I have to go and find the measurements - I have them someplace - it may take me a day or so- so come back and I will post it when I find them.
ddaugherty asked:
How much of each fabric did you get?
Deena answered:
Well, I always buy more than I need - just to be sure to have enough and if I want to make othre things to match - like pillows. So, normally I get a yard of each fabric. But the back is more like 5 yds.
mickeyr109361 asked:
Nice quilt, the back is just as nice as the front (could almost be reversible).!
Deena answered:
yes- it is -meant to be that way..thanks for the comment
KatHogan asked:
Deena, this is a wonderful job.The satin made the design classey & thanks for the tip of top sewing the satin stripe! I have done the zigzag pattern for a baby quilt. It is an easy design to work with and its variables.
Deena answered:
thanks glad to help
Lady Tonja asked:
I love the satin. it gives the blanket just the right touch. Beautiful colors and great job!
Deena answered: