Created by: Corset Claire

Zest Coasters

You Can Make This

Corset Claire made Zest Coasters with:

  • Cotton scraps

Q&A with Corset Claire

beeboop71 asked:
I would love to make this as gifts for people. Do you have a pattern for the coaster holder?
Corset Claire answered:
The whole thing is in the book " I love patchwork". But the holder is made using a square 2.5" bigger than the coaster. If finished coasters are 4", then including seam allowance you need a square of 6.5". Layer the material, batting, material right side up, then on top material right side down. Sew through all layers 1/4" seam allowance, leave a 2" gap for turning. Clip, turn and sew gap. Then edge stitch all way round. Now you need to sew a square of 4" in the centre. I used my rule and drew a line 1" from the edge and sewed that line. This will define the walls. Now pinched the corners together one at a time and tack together with thread. Hope that helps. They would make great presents, because they only took a couple of hours. Let me know how you get on
Caro c asked:
what a great idea
Corset Claire answered:
Thank you
scottishpatcher asked:
I too would love to make these. Lovely choice of fabrics too.
Corset Claire answered:
Thank you and they are in the book "I love patchwork"
scottishpatcher asked:
Love the coasters. Lovely choice of fabrics too.
Corset Claire answered:
Thank you. My living room is pale green with dark oak floor and pale oak furniture. The accent colour is fuschia pink. My hubby went spare when he heard what I was doing, but loves it now.

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