Wonky Pound Sign

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I like how the stripes look when they intersect! I somehow got around the seams not lining up by going about things a different way. I thought I'd experiment with doing the inserts in a rotating fashion around the block to see if the veering-off-a-tad seams from joining wonky strips could be avoided. I don't know if my chosen method made a difference or if it was just luck, but it worked for me this time! What advice would you give someone starting this project? There is so much to learn by reading other people's questions and comments, and looking at other people's projects. I am almost glad I started late, because a lot of the trailblazing has already been done! If you are a tightwad about your fabric like me, just measure your cuts each time you make them, and make your strip that long plus no more than an inch. Also, I think the seam allowances look best if you iron them on a case by case basis. Some want to go one way, some another. I don't argue with them! These are so much fun and QUICK!

What you will need

  • Aqua is Country Classic Solids. And I used a striped fat quarter from Jo's.

Q&A with Cat Sultan

Pamillia asked:
I really like your block, the stripes are great on your blue. Very well done. This one was a fun block don't you think? Yes, you are right about reading our class mates in put, really is a leg up in making each block. Thanks for sharing. :-)
Cat Sultan answered:
Soon I will invest in some starch! It is actually a bit more aqua than baby blue. Need to tweak my picture settings perhaps. Oh well...

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