Wolf Panel Quilt

Project Description

Name of Pattern Panel with stars

What you will need

  • 100% Cotton

Q&A with SandraDea62

Rainfeather asked:
how much would you charge for that quilt
SandraDea62 answered:
Depends on if the fabric is provided or not. Queen size would be about $300 if I provide everything. This particular one was finished and given to my son as a gift.
Rainfeather asked:
wow thats all. I spent close to $250 just for materials for the top for the one I made and that didnt include the batting or backing,..Be careful not to undercharge as I was told once.......the quilt is beautiful...but deserves a better price than only $300...... I get this one is a gift but its up to you.........I charged $500 for mine and was told it was still too low........so I dont know ...just sharing with you. :)
SandraDea62 answered: