Winged Isis

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I loved learning to bead for this piece, adding the goddess' bling, and I'm very proud of all the time I spent wrestling with gold metallic embroidery thread for outlining the feathers on the wings. It was also challenging working with the project spec, as the fabrics were all very similar in colour and value, and this had to make up an awful lot of the final quilt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Ancient Egyptian art is highly stylised, with striking shapes, lots of geometric patterns, and a limited colour palette, all of which adapt beautifully to quilting. There is plenty to inspire you if you want to create an Egyptian design of your own, just have a rummage around on Google Image. Embroidery, beading, painting on fabric, advanced piecing and applique can all be used successfully.

Q&A with Tenar

Craftsy asked:
Congrats! We've chosen this project to be to featured on our home page!
Tenar answered:
Wow! Thank you! Now if I could only find someone willing to pay for the four months of work it took and buy it...
rnjoy asked:
Are there directions that you are willing to share. any templates and quilting instructions? Love what you have done and would love to attempt the pattern.
Tenar answered:
The quilt is a metre square, and I drew out the pattern full-size on taped-together pieces of A1 paper, then traced over them to make freezer paper templates for the middle section. So it's not really suitably sized for sharing the pattern. For the border, I drew a section at full scale and then made templates for the non-rectangular bits. The entire quilt is pieced, apart from appliquing the finshed figure onto the background. I wouldn't want someone copying my exact quilt, but it'd be lovely if more people were to make Egyptian-themed quilts! Try snooping around Google Image, you'll get lots of inspiration. Look up goddesses, paintings, coffins, tombs, that sort of thing. For the border, Owen Jones' book "The Grammar of Ornament" is immensely helpful with studying Egyptian patterns, and indeed is a fabulous source book for all sorts of patterns.
Chris Howe asked:
OMG... I would give anything to be able to buy this from you... I LOVE anything Egyptian, especially ISIS... That is my dog's name...
Tenar answered:
Is this a serious offer to buy? The quilt is for sale, but considering the quality of the work and the amount of time it took to make, I am looking for quite a high price.
Jnfrsmith asked:
Beautiful quilt. Must have taken awhile to design and complete this quilt. Congrats.
Tenar answered:
Four months, I think, though I don't do a huge amount of work each day due to disability. Thank you!