Windmills at Night

What you will need

  • Cotton

Q&A with scooter41538259

suzy6281 asked:
Fabulous job!! Very nice!
scooter41538259 answered:
ski9292254515 asked:
I am very new to quilting and just downloaded the Windmills at Night and would like to make it to fit a double/queen bed. Should I just add border or make extra blocks?
scooter41538259 answered:
I would add extra blocks and add a nice big border. I just followed the pattern because it was the first quilt I attempted on my own after taking a few beginner quilting classes. A friend of mine also made this quilt and put sashing in between each block. Hope that helps.
quilter of time asked:
Very pretty need to make one
scooter41538259 answered:
jaecampbe5420823 asked:
Great colour scheme!
scooter41538259 answered:
12drawer asked:
I so love this pattern.....i'm going to adjust it a bit & do it in purples for my bed. I am thinking sashing between blocks & using repeating & reversing colourways.....
scooter41538259 answered:
My friend did this pattern in brown tones. She also put sashing in between each block, and it turned out really great.