Wholecloth Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Completing them. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I used wool batting as it is light but gives a good loft.

What you will need

  • Wholecloth quilt kit

Q&A with Morag2504

NanaJeanFL asked:
GORGEOUS!!! I hope to learn how to do this... Where did you?
Morag2504 answered:
I was attending a patchwork course at my local University (for the over 50s) and saw one of the tutors wholecloth quilts. I thought I would like to try it. The worst thing is putting the layers together . Once that is done you just stitch from the centre out and try to keep your stitches even.
MarjorieV asked:
AMAZING! Very impressive.
Morag2504 answered:
I did enjoy doing it, believe it or not.
Ipanema asked:
Gorgeous and so elegant. I never seen this work before. The detail is meticulous and the white is pristine.
Morag2504 answered:
Thank you :-)
pro-quilter asked:
I love all the stitching that went into this whole cloth quilt. I would love to do one, but I've got to have more time than I have now.
Morag2504 answered:
You can do it in 10 minute segments. Just keep going :-)
AuntieBelle asked:
So beautiful! Wish I could quilt like that!!
Morag2504 answered:
It really isn't difficult. Just takes a looooong time ;-)