Wedding Ring

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I don't feel proud with this project because I couldn't finish it. I left this quilt at my friend's home in the States and he didn't want to send it to me. I have no contact with him, and yes... I didn't have it. I don't know what happen to my quilt :(

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics I bought in Hobby Lobby

Q&A with L.K

phyllissc42821 asked:
that's a shame cause this is absolutely beautiful! My favorite colors!!
L.K answered:
yeap... regret that I leave my quilt with him. I thought that I might return and continue my quilt. I beg him and told him that I will send the money so that he can send it to me, but he said nothing. I am afraid that he just throw it away.
Devika asked:
absolutely gorgous
L.K answered:
thank you :)
999Graffix asked:
It's such a pitty. My heart is breaking for you. I made a Wedding Ring Quilt and would be devistated if I lost it or anything happened to it. You did a brilliant job on it. The colours are gorgeous and It looks amazing. Do you think you might make another one some day?
L.K answered:
Thank you and I have to let it go :) Yes, I will make another one soon and I will share it with you. Thank you for your comment and support. :)
doubledee516 asked:
This is the first time I see a wedding ring quilt with these colors. I think it came out very well. I love it.
L.K answered:
Thank you for checking on my work. what a pity... I couldn't keep this quilt, someone won't return it to me :)
jacalyn03163935 asked:
Awwww.....honey I am sad for you that you don't have your quilt! I always solve these type of problems by making another one!! I just lost alot of my things to a house fire and they can never be replaced....except by me building new memories and putting lots of love into another project! So go for it girl!!! Make another be bold and beautiful just like you sound lke you are!!! Blessings!
L.K answered:
Thank you for sharing with me... and I am so sorry. Yes, I am going to make another one or maybe two. Sometime to start it.. bring my memory back. Thank you for your support and I will post my work soon :)