Using Procion MX for Wool

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Between Jane Dunnewold's class and my interest in dying wool to spin and knit, I wanted to experiment with colors and also these Procion MX dyes were supposed to also dye wool.

What you will need

  • Procion MX dyes comparison of overdyeing a purchased cotton print with a white background
  • and some merino wool roving. On the cloth
  • you can see the red/pink struck alot faster than the blue. But the dyes did not strike differently on the wool. I was told that these dyes also work in an acid environment
  • is this true?

Q&A with Debcquilts

Jane Dunnewold asked:
You can use MX dyes as acid dyes by changing out the fixative - using citric acid or white vinegar as the "fixer" instead of soda ash. Steaming is usually recommended in that setting. Since it is slightly beyond the scope of this class, you could go to the Prochem and Dye site and download their free instructions to find out how to use the dyes as acid dyes for protein fiber.
Debcquilts answered:
Thanks for letting me know. I just didn't have any idea, but now have a full set of both the Procion MX and acid dyes. Thought you might want to see this, yes, outside the scope, but in one segment you mentioned wool, so I tried it. It was interesting the way the dyes struck differently.

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