Unexpected Snow

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I kept going though needles were breaking, thread was tangeling, safety devices on the sewing machine were being engaged, and danger notices kept showing up on the screen. I learned a bunch of things not to ever do while sewing including not to let your sewing machine scare you. For hours it was a bully. What advice would you give someone starting this project? 1. Stick to the advice of the instructor and make the project that you signed up for the class to make. 2. Don't sew while intoxicated or high on coffee. 3. Don't swear loud enough for the neigbors to hear. They almost called the police suspecting domestic abuse. 4. Be ready to give up bathing, sleeping, and healthy food while learning how to do some of these things. 5. Have a blast! Hey, it's not like we are packing a parachut!

What you will need

  • Hand-dyed fabric
  • silk-screens
  • luminar paint
  • metallic thread

Q&A with Jjjki

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
First of all, I love this piece. The stitching, deign, and depth are quite wonderful. I also love your advice although I have to say, I have had a glass or two of wine while making my stitch bible!
Jjjki answered:
You go girl!
4bird2 asked:
My family lives in Minnetonka, you're neighbors. Anyhow, love your piece the way it combines several different elements. The colors are soothing.
Jjjki answered:
Thanks for the nice comment. I was totally shocked that it turned out. Once I got the hang of free-motion stitching the process was actually soothing.It's also fun to be to write about the experience. Truth be know, I don't even drink alcohol but this piece almost made me start. Kidding.......
cce asked:
love the colors
Jjjki answered:
And, I think that your dog photos are adorable and beautifully done. You have some talent girl!!
Scheri Manson asked:
Absolutely stunning!
Jjjki answered:
Thank you!
Dyyan asked:
Just too lovely!
Jjjki answered:
Thank you So much!

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