Turtle baby quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The fun I had selecting the fabrics with friends and family, and my cousin for producing such a beautiful daughter! I learnt a lot about using colour and creating depth when I made this quilt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you sew something similar to this, you need to be comfortable with advanced piecing and sewing curved seams, including some tricky S-seams around the flippers. A bendy ruler is useful for getting the large curves to be smooth. This quilt is my own design. I don't want people copying my work, so the pattern is not available, I'm afraid.

What you will need

  • Quilting cotton
  • polyester batting
  • embroidery threads.

Q&A with Tenar

Nt2swt asked:
Where are the instructions?
Tenar answered:
I haven't published instructions, I don't want people copying my work. Unfortunately Craftsy gives you a box to tick for "it's my own design" but then doesn't actually show that statement unless you sell the instructions, so I'm about to edit my projects to make that clearer.
Janice Stoel asked:
How big is this oh so cute quilt?
Tenar answered:
36" x 41", and thank you!
Artmomma asked:
I love your turtle quilt. My Grand daughter went to sea turtle camp this summer and I have been playing with ideas to make her a sea turtle quilt. She is 15 and wants a queen size quilt.
Tenar answered:
Bit of a late response, but go for it! What sort of designs are you playing with, and what sort of techniques? Turtle shells are naturally quite stylised-looking already, which helps.
eamcnulty0 asked:
What size is this quilt , if you don't have the pattern. Then how much fabric did you use and how color did you add in?
Tenar answered:
36" x 41". I think I bought a yard cut of the graduated turquoise batik I used for the background, from SewBatik, and the rest was probably from odd quarter-metre cuts. I thought of the colour in this way: Sea background: graduated turquoise. Turtle: light green for the head and legs, and a mixture of red, orange, yellow, pink and green for the shell. Inner border and binding: yellow/orange. Outer border: Deeper blues and greens. Does that help? I'm not quite sure what you meant by "how colour did you add in", I'm afraid.