Tumbling Twisters

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This was my first "modern" quilt, my first use of charm pack squares, and my first pieced back. I have probably made 30-40 quilts over the years but this is my absolute favorite... so far.

What you will need

  • Basic Grey Kissing Booth charm packs. Moda Grunge Basic Duchess (pink)

Q&A with SunnyB

Saberz Mom asked:
Very nice! I love your back. Colors are lovely.
SunnyB answered:
Thank you! It evolved organically. I started with the front and honestly I got tired of all the pink. I never would have envisioned grey for the back when I started, but by the time I got to it, grey seemed very restful to my weary eyes.
Jade65 asked:
Love the colours. I like the grey background on the back. I used it on the back of mine too.
SunnyB answered:
Thank you! As I mentioned in my reply to Saberz Mom, I didn't have grey in mind when I started, but I seriously needed a break from all the pink!
Davesmom asked:
Lovely quilt. What a lot of quilting on this quilt!! Should last forever, eh? Your quilt is beautiful.
SunnyB answered:
Thanks so much! Although you would never guess from the style and size, this quilt was for a toddler so sturdiness was a concern. :-)
Robin Batchelor asked:
That's really pretty. Is the main part of the background done in blocks then or is it solid? This is my favorite as I love pinks. What fabric what that background. Love it.
SunnyB answered:
Thank you! The pink background fabric is Moda Grunge Basics Duchess (MODA-30150-64-DUCHESS) . It is in a few big pieces, not blocks. I constructed the quilt top improvisationally by deciding where I wanted each of the dropping twisters, and then cutting large swatches of pink fabric to work around them. For the twisters I used Basic Grey Kissing Booth charm packs.
Miriane asked:
Wow! Very nice quilt! Congratulations!
SunnyB answered:
Thank you!

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