Created by: dmmyers

Tula Pink Mystery

You Can Make This

dmmyers made Tula Pink Mystery with:

  • Tula Pink Foxfield

Q&A with dmmyers

Scheri Manson asked: I just went to your blog. Very nice. I see you offer long-term services. Have you finished the Tula Pink Foxtails quilt? I would love for you to post the quilted version pictures. Thanks!
dmmyers answered:
Thank you for visiting my blog! I haven't loaded my TP yet...I'm working on a few customer quilts. I'm going to fit mine in soon and do a custom job.
sarahwatts asked:
Your quilting turned out beautiful!
dmmyers answered:
Thank you!
Scheri Manson asked:
Bravo it is beautiful :-D
dmmyers answered:
Thank you!