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Tube Squared Pieces

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Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine

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Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine

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Q&A with joyfulous42

babeyruth asked:
beautiful, I would love to know if the pattern was made with a tube ruler
joyfulous42 answered:
the square in square was made by sewing 4 jelly roll strips into a tube with all 4 edges sewn .. then take the big square that you have and putting the diagonal line on it on the sewing lines of the tube and slashing across tube on an angle .. and when you line up the seam on diagonal and edge of cut on square (the tip of the square should touch the edge of the cut at the seam line)it makes a nice square.. and when you cut from opposite sides you get different squares from same tube.. I found a video on line on how to make it I think called tube quilting.. it is a very easy way to make squares using strips..
I am new at quilting but not to sewing. I have been dorment for 12 years and just purchased a machine. I am wanting to learn how to match the shapes and measurements for perfect projects. I look forward to learning.
joyfulous42 answered:
You are sounding a lot like me.. I did do some quilting and sewing in days long ago.. my son took over my sewing room for a bedroom so my machine was sent to the top of a shelf in my bedroom.. then he recently moved out.. got my room back lol
terri bastarach asked:
how do i enroll? i tried a few hours and it said not completed. please advvise
joyfulous42 answered:
What are you enrolling in..
LindieLee asked:
Beautiful quilt that anyone would be proud to own! Your slashing and backing construction looks like "Quilt as you Go" technique - is it? I just joined not long ago, does the teacher cover that method?
joyfulous42 answered:
the sashing and backing with the sash is from the small machine big quilt in the quilting courses.. it is sashed at the same time front and back.. it makes putting quilts together very easy if you dont want to do quilting on a big one.. just do a bunch of smaller blocks, quilting as you get one made then binding them all together at once.. this way you only have to sew on the outer most rows.. no bulk in machine.. but I am getting used to quilting too. .. though I like making smaller projects.. I can quilt a big one.. though I am still learning the free motion technique.. but now that I have a machine the likes it and does not fight me I like it much better
LindieLee asked:
Right, it's "Quilt as you Go", I've done it before but with really large blocks. I've just joined that class too! Glad to hear you like it.
joyfulous42 answered:
Sorry LindieLee.. I signed up to that course a year ago.. and went through all of the techniques... I also have signed up for several other courses.. I dont remember all the chapter names.. but yes it was a great course.. I really enjoyed it.. love the fact that I can go back to them all and revisit .. I may be revisiting the quilt as you go chapter as I am making a quilt for my son's wedding this fall.. Have not decided which way I want to do the quilting.. thinking of using the Q A Y G method.. I will decide later... his quilt will be Dark purple /with light purple as accent and Lime green with a dark green accent.. then there will be a very thin black sashing in between..They want this to be the guest book type of thing..