Tropical string quilt & penguin

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm especially proud of the penguin because I've never made a toy or followed a non quilting pattern before. But every quilt I make I'm proud of because I've tried & completed them! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I loved doing mine on muslin squares (as opposed to just sewing strips together) because the weight of the quilt top felt so nice! & I got to use the muslin base as the center white stripe. I then used a flannel as a batting to make it more of a "summer" quilt for Florida.

What you will need

  • cotton

Q&A with Meredith K

Karmie asked:
This is beautiful. The colours are so bright.
Meredith K answered:
Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing it & it was bitter sweet to ship it off!
hipocket asked:
Meredith, I don't understand what you mean by "I got to use the muslin base as the center white stripe". How did you finish the edges of the colored strips next to the muslin? Are they just turned under and top-stitched? I love string quilts and this one is soooo colorful!
Meredith K answered:
Thanks! I 1st made a 8.5 muslin square & then marked off with pencil a 1.5 center 'strip" down the diagonal middle & then put the colored strip to the left & right of it using the sew & flip method. No top stitching, I just sewed the color strip down on it's wrong side (lining up the 1/4 in. of the colored strip on the pencil line) & then flipped, pressed & then continued on (the same way) down the muslin square w/colored strips to the end. Was that what you meant? Did that make sense? These are so much fun & so easy, meditative really. No crucial lines to match up, or precise cutting! And then just square up your blocks when you're done! So, you have over hang of your strips & then I just turn over the block & use my muslin base as my guide to square it up! I LOVE the weight of the quilt top using the muslin plus the strips! Hope I answered your question! :) Can't wait to see yours!