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Project Description

What are you most proud of? That it actually looks like something you can recognize, and not a kindergarten project, like most of my other attempts at anything crafty. What advice would you give someone starting this project? don't be afraid to just start somewhere. I didn't know i had a talent, or love for quilting till I just started doing it. Also, get some friends who are in different stages of the quilting learning curve, they will help you get past the bumps in the roads, and make your quilting journey much easier than trying to reinvent the wheel every time.

What you will need

  • Mother's left over cotton cloth

Q&A with sharmacdonald

red59 asked:
I Love this it is beautiful, do you have a pattern? I am just trying to learn was it really hard because it is georous!
sharmacdonald answered:
It was SOOO easy! here is a web page, with basically the same pattern on it ( http://quilting.about.com/od/blockofthemonth/ss/christmas_tree.htm ) I did not break up my blocks in the background color, but, it's one continuous block on each side of the tree (not 2 as shown in the pattern)