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tobyfor made Tranquil with:

Designing Modern Quilts

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Designing Modern Quilts

with Weeks Ringle

  • Quilting cottons
  • cotton batting

Q&A with tobyfor

4bird2 asked:
These colors are very relaxing, I feel like I'm resting under a tree in the shade. I think this is exactly the color combo I'm looking for to incorportate into a quilt. . Your quilting is so uniform also, it's really beautiful.
tobyfor answered:
Thanks for your kind words. It's an unusual color combo but I like it and it reminds me of the bark of the arbutus trees that grow in this area. At certain times of the year, the bark is a greeny yellow with tinges of orange.
Maryanne224 asked:
Your quilting is spectacular. How long did it take and did you use a long-arm?
tobyfor answered:
Thanks for the compliment! I followed Weeks' advice to a tee and that was the result. I have an older Bernina sewing machine. The two styles I used on this quilt are relatively quick to achieve, although there are faster designs than pebbles. I always use a super slider now that I've discovered it, so there is absolutely no more tugging on the quilt. Oh yes,I always practise my free motion quilting on small scrappy blocks before moving to the actual quilt.
Scbaldridge23 asked:
The quilting is amazing. I think my favorite aspect of this is the variation of color in the horizontal's unexpected. Those lines make me think of a musical staff, and the swirls in the quilting seem like they're dancing to the music. :0)
tobyfor answered:
It took quite a bit of auditioning to find the fabric for those lines.
rutha1031 asked:
This is beautiful. Your quilting is amazing.
tobyfor answered:
That comes with practise. I always have a bunch of small pot holder size blocks near my machine and use them to audition thread, needle, tension setups and come up with a design I think fits the piece Im working on.
Anny Shaner asked:
Are those 5" blocks?
tobyfor answered:
They are 4.5" blocks (4" finished).

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