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You Can Make This

Carolbu made Totes! with:

  • cotton

Q&A with Carolbu

SAJump asked:
I especially love the color combination for this one. Daughter Sarah always loved green and purple together. I think of her every time I see those colors. Are your tote bags lined? I've also cut a thick piece of cardboard to fit the bottom of the bag. I make a fabric sleeve (either with scraps from the front or to match the lining) that the cardboard slips into. That way it can be removed and the entire bag and sleeve can be laundered. Sometimes I think I would rather just make totes - instant gratification and just as much fun choosing fabrics as with quilts.
Carolbu answered:
Yes I like the instand gratification too. I have thought about putting a piece of plastic canvas in the bottom of the totes but have not tried it yet. They are lined and most have side pockets for a phone and glasses or whatever. The green and purple is my favorite, too.
Baka asked:
Excuse me, but I didn't see my name up there under a picture of a tote. Guess I'll have to make myself one. They're beautiful.
Carolbu answered:
HaHa Baka. I wish I could make them for everyone.
Tanya W. asked:
Pretty. I like the colors.
Carolbu answered:
Thank you!
GreatGrandNana asked:
I may have missed it, but did you show us the pattern you used.
Carolbu answered:
I did not use a pattern. Sorry.

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Get your first class for only $14.99