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Project Description

What are you most proud of? I will be amazed when I finish the quilt! What advice would you give someone starting this project? So far, I think, as a seasoned quilter, my expectations for my quilting projects are pretty high. Eileen says repeatedly that she is not a quilter, so anyone who is a fussy quilter is going to struggle with the results unless they have lots of experience behind them. I did my quilt as a cracker... using water soluable stabiler to help stabilize the batting in the frame. The best part of this project is the experience you will gain from Eileens vast embroidery wisdom...And a pretty cute quilt to cover a chair or for a little one to snuggle up with. I can't wait to try some other projects... I have ordered her book, and I know it will be a benefit for years to come!

Q&A with Subbysmom

Eileen Roche asked:
Love the fabrics you selected!
Subbysmom answered:
Thanks! I love this class. I learnt sooo much about my embroidery unit. I just got your book in the mail. Can't wait to sit down and enjoy it !
sweet_rewards asked:
do you have a picture of the finished quilt and if so what is the size of it finished.
Subbysmom answered:
Hmmmm. Not quite finished. It may be a table runner. I have a hard time staying on task. LOL
grma24luvs asked:
I thought the same thing about the expectations I have for a finished quilt. as she was speaking I was already figuring out that I would only use the top fabric and the batting. At this point I may also try just to use the fabric with stabilizer as normal and then quilt... I have a long arm and would probably just echo some of the embroidery design. I do like what she has done and BTW yours is great., I love the colors. I have yet to start mine,
Subbysmom answered:
Thanks for your comments. I think the purpose is to do the embroidery as quilting and I really think you will love the final result if you choose the cracker application. I have a long arm as well and I can easily imagine making this quick quilt while I am busy quilting a king size quilt on the long arm
imajem asked:
"I did my quilt as a cracker." What in the world is a cracker???
Subbysmom answered:
Look at the last lesson on tips. Eileen explains it thoroughly

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