Together at Lake Berryessa

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This was my first work using this new technique and I am pleased that I was able to make a design using my own photo for my inspiration. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take this course! Gloria is an excellent teacher. She is able to take complex concepts and steps and simplify them so they are easily understood. I especially appreciated the opening section on the colour wheel, hand painting fabric, and the use of value and texture to get depth. This section was very important to the success of my project. Thank you so much, Gloria.

What you will need

  • -cotton fabrics
  • many batiks
  • fused in a reverse appliqué technique -hand painted sky

Q&A with stippler1

PattyArensen asked:
I love the changes you have made to the original pattern.
stippler1 answered:
Thank you. It was exciting to make my own pattern and follow it through. Gloria gives you the knowledge and confidence to try this.
Cornwoman asked:
Beautiful! I love the "glow" that the yellow adds to the foreground as if it's reflecting it from the sky.
stippler1 answered:
Thank you for your observation. That was my plan but you never know if it works in the end or not.
Gloria Loughman asked:
How fabulous! This is one of the first linear quilts I have seen in a cooler palette. Stunning quilt!
stippler1 answered:
Thank you! The cooler colour scheme must be the influence of my lush forest environment here in B.C., Canada! Your information and examples on the colour palettes really inspired me to experiment with an analogous colour scheme. You also taught me that I don't have to use the actual colours from my photo. Choosing complimentary red for the 2 small people in the center helped them stand out. I would never have made red people before but I think it worked! Using the colour wheel and being more aware of various palettes was a very exciting exercise and helped me make more informed, conscious, and successful fabric choices. Thanks for the push!