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Ties That Bind Us Together

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Finishing School: Edges & Bindings

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Q&A with DianeRightBrain

smgspence4985420 asked:
Did you have a specific pattern that you used? I love this! I have so many extra ties that my husband is getting rid of, this looks like just the right project to use them up.
DianeRightBrain answered:
Thank you for your question. No, "real" pattern. I used the idea behind the string quilt format, using mostly the smaller ends of the ties, but saved the pointed end, which came in handy for something needed at the bottom of the wall-hanging. One thing I did learn...put stabilzer on them before "stringing them together. They will lay flater and not "crawl." Go forth and have fun...You will still have leftovers, unless you make a quilt. If he has any bow ties, you can use them to hid some of the "mistakes" and or highlight patterns. Also, tie holders/clips can make fun accents, ooooH and suit pins (Service pins, Awards, Retirement etc). They can be used on the rows connecting the squares. Soooo many possibilities. On the backing, I wrote, who donated these ties, as friends. You can add a small piece of a tie and tell where it was worn, if it has a special meaning or celebration. Work places, favorite, or fun times! Again, stablize that piece also before writing...great memories! Most of all have fun! IF you have a serger, now that I have one, since some ties can be very thready on the edges, serging them will also keep those edges from slipping and sliding while handling and sewing. Will be happy to see your progress and finished project.