Created by: Susanne Menne

Three little projects

You Can Make This

Susanne Menne made Three little projects with:

  • I used cotton fabrics
  • leather
  • wire.

Q&A with Susanne Menne

Shoestring asked:
W O W !!! This so beautiful! Susanne, you are the queen! I love your project.
Susanne Menne answered:
Thank you for your comment. :-)
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Stunning quilting! Blown away!
Susanne Menne answered:
Thank you for your comment. :-)
perlymae44380235 asked:
Beautiful work, where do you get all of your unique ideas/patterns. Love all of your projects. Thanks for sharing
Susanne Menne answered:
Thank you. :-) I don't know. The ideas come into my mind at night. I see them like a video ... than I do, what I've seen.
perlymae44380235 asked:
You should have classes on your projects with craftsy?
Susanne Menne answered:
Thank you, but I think, that isn't possible. I live in Germany, it's too far away and ... I'm afraid to go with an aeroplane.
monsolete2963225 asked:
Very pretty. I've saved this to have a longer look. Only prob, when it says save, where is it being saved?
Susanne Menne answered:
Thank you very much. :-) I think, it should be saved on your account, isn't it?