Three Crazy Sisters in Beehive at Night

What you will need

  • This is based on Joe the quilter's class. I wanted a smaller piece
  • so halved the block size and made 64 blocks
  • so the pattern would work. When I got done
  • I decided it was too dark
  • even with the colored scraps added. So I quilted the heck out of it with white thread. Still too dark. Finally added a thin yellow border
  • and lightened it up some more. It was FUN! :)

Q&A with Bunny Dust

Grand2sew asked:
love your quilting, looks great! I think the yellow border really adds a nice touch.
Bunny Dust answered:
Thank you. :)
Rebecca Breddin asked:
I agree, I like the border!
Bunny Dust answered:
vwf19571287610 asked:
I love our fabric choices and the little bits of color added.
Bunny Dust answered:
Thank you. :)
clrose79 asked:
The border helps pull it all together
Bunny Dust answered:
Thanks, clrose79!