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What are you most proud of? My little machine has hardly stopped since I purchased it about 18 months ago, it has seen me through each and every class I've taken on Craftsy and more where a sewing machine was required, but I think I have pushed it to its limit here. I'm hoping that bit by bit I will manage to stitch in the ditch, as for fmq I would say it's not looking promising. :( What advice would you give someone starting this project? I would most definitely advise that if you have a machine as small as mine and you are wanting to do fmq then do each block individually.

Q&A with KeencraftaKaren

shanmodtraditio asked:
Look at you! Way to go! I still remember my first big project I did on my home machine, you can do it! I was only able to stitch in the ditch with a walking foot on my home machine. My FMQ didn't look good because I didn't have a stitch regulator. It wasn't until I got a longarm that I could FMQ. Good job! Keep it up and you'll be happy with your finished project.
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Thank you for your encouragement, it's very kind of you, I have got a little further and am currently doing stitch in the ditch, I'm determined to finish it one way or another.
sweetmarye55 asked:
If it REALLY won't fit, hand stitching is quite soothing for the soul; and you don't have to have a huge quilting frame to do it with either. Check out 'Sharon Stroud is Out of Her Mind" website/blog. She teaches it.
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Thank you for the advice, I will definitely take a look, I have been mulling over all my options and hand quilting it was one of them, I recently took Andi Perejda's hand quilting class and am loving following her teachings. I will finish it no matter how long it takes.
NannySharon asked:
It takes a lot of patience. That's why I don't really enjoy the quilting part . I love making the blocks but quilting is not easy on a domestic machine. I can't afford a longarm machine or to pay someone to do it for me so I just persevere like you are. I often do them in strips them in wide strips then join them together. Sort of quilt as you go. I'm sure it will be worth it when you're done.
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Thank you for your words of encouragement NannySharon, patience is something I have a lot of, so although it may take some time, watch this space.
patz in suffolk asked:
Don't be discouraged - take it slowly and make sure the quilt is supported all round so that it doesn't drag when you're sewing. My first quilts were made on a machine smaller than yours (a 36-year-old Frister & Rossmann Cub 4) and I managed eventually to do some FMQ, although I must say it's easier now that I've got a bigger machine. There's a lot to be said for the quilt as you go method, but it's too late now for that, so persevere - you'll get there in the end and you'll be all the more pleased with yourself for finishing it!
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Thank you Pat, you have made me more determined than ever. It will get finished no matter how long it takes,
Chantal.C asked:
Sorry, I did not see that my first comment was added
KeencraftaKaren answered:
Thank you Chantal for your advice and encouragement, your English is excellent, I've understood what you mean, the picture was taken when I was right in the middle and I'd just managed to stitch one block in the ditch, I'm still working on the quilt, but currently hand quilting.

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