Theo, my grandson

What you will need

  • cotton frabric (front and back)
  • interfacing
  • cotton batting
  • black pollyester thread
  • cotton variegated thread (in hair and eyebrow)
  • Prismacolor colored pencils
  • stamps (in the shirt)
  • fabric paint medium (Americana brand)

Q&A with Silvia Regina

Danegirl asked:
What a sweet picture you made here. It gives me inspiration!
Silvia Regina answered:
Thank you Danegirl! Be my guest!!!
Elsje asked:
Beautifully done!
Silvia Regina answered:
Granny's love made it!!!!!!! Thank you!!!
Lola Jenkins asked:
Wonderful...just wonderful.
Silvia Regina answered:
GailT asked:
Adorable! Since there is a strong blue tint to the fabric, did you shade with skin tone pencils or use shades of blue or lavender? On my computer it looks as if you have a little tan tone around his nose and lips, but I can't really tell what hue you are shading with in much of the rest. It is very effective. Is this treasure for you or his mom?
Silvia Regina answered:
Thank you! I used skin tones: starting with cream and gradually applying skin tones, i.e., shades of yellow and oranges. The white was necessary because of the blue background. All