The I of Isaac

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Its fun.

Q&A with maggieloe

Molly52 asked:
Absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm wondering... was this 1 large piece that you cut into 4 smaller pieces, or 4 individually made pieces?
maggieloe answered:
Thank you. It is four individual pieces. I didn't really do anything to coordinate them except have them kind of swirl in the same direction.
Miz B asked:
This is beautiful. Love the colors and the swirls. What size are the pieces?
maggieloe answered:
Thank you. They are each 8" by10". I used standard - inexpensive - canvas covered frames from JoAnns as the base and a 20" by 22" pice of fabric, cut in four pieces. Each was made individually and don't really match up, but then what does in a hurricane.
White Eagle asked:
Are you a teacher or student? I think you have surpassing talent. Extremely well executed and displayed. Thanks for sharing.
maggieloe answered:
Thank you. Not a teacher, Still trying to figure this out. :-)