The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I tried some new things on this bag - some that were successful, some not. 1. I used King Tut thread in a variegated shade. I loved it especially with the bigger needle. I used a 40 weight thread on my first bag and my very picky sewing machine did a lot of protesting. The King Tut is a much heavier weight and was a better choice for the larger needle size. Plus, I loved the variegation. 2. I printed words on fabric using my printer. I did not use specially treated products - it was just the batik fabric that I loved. I printed the words on paper, then used double sided tape to adhere the fabric to the paper (the fabric covered the words) and then ran the fabric and paper through the printer. I used a turquoise shade ink and I am happy with how it turned out. I then heat set the ink with my iron. I printed words on the front and on the back. However, there was a slight accident on the front. Ahem. By mistake I started to quilt the area with words. Later I ripped the quilting out. When the bag was FINISHED, i noticed some perforation marks from the original quilting. I sprayed some Mary Ellen sizing on it and was about to iron it to remove the marks, AND THE PRINTING BLED. But it is okay - only because my fabrics are batiks. The area where it bled is in the front, the area right under the right strap. See the little turquoise blobs? Those were once words. I am very excited about this because I would love to make a bag that had my favorite lines of poetry. Being able to print on beautiful fabric of my choice would enable me to do that. I am dreaming of a bag with my favorite lines by Emily Dickinson or e.e. cummings or Rumi or all three! I am still going forward with the purse with the poetry, but looks like I need to test the printing before I take it out on a rainy day. 3. I decided that I would try to see if I could make this bag have a more structured appearance. I placed an extra magnetic closure at the top just under the binding. I did this while it was being constructed so that no hardware is visible. I am not sure that I prefer this look to the more slouchy look. I think I will have to use it a few times and compare it to my other bag. By the way, Ive used my other bag, and I absolutely love it! 4. I threw in some half square triangles. The jury is still out on the visual success of this addition. 5. Like my first bag, I used a mans tie as an embellishment on the flap. The pattern for this is available, as well as finished embellishments on Faye Labanariss web site. ( I have no affiliation with Faye.) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Even if you have already constructed a bag, re-watch some of Teras video segments or print out the directions. I did something out of order - I added the bag bottom before cutting it out. This error was significant as it resulted in cutting the bag too short (my mistake). I was using the special batik fabric for the bag bottom and I wanted as much as possible to show - my error completely undermined that goal. Ive selected fabrics and quotes for bags three and four - be advised that you may need a twelve step program to stop making these bags. I do - I am just looking for one that will let me bring my hand work.

What you will need

  • cotton
  • utility cloth
  • cotton batting.

Q&A with dencopela1297312

Tara Rebman asked:
It's beautiful! And it is glowing!
dencopela1297312 answered:
Thank you, Tera, I was hoping it would glow!
Nana C asked:
Wow! I hope I get that good someday, just beautiful!
dencopela1297312 answered:
Thank you!
Maxie Makes asked:
Very pretty!
dencopela1297312 answered:
Thank you for your kind words!

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