table centerpiece

Project Description

What was your inspiration? just wanted to try something new and different (at least for me) and since I enjoy adding extra color to the house at different times of the year I came up with this.

Q&A with mzliz

Joyce7970 asked:
I love this variation of the dresden plate
mzliz answered:
Hi Joyce, I've done these in different sizes, and the outcome is just awesome, I just love it
Faye Holbrook asked:
I sure would like to make a quilt like that. Just beautiful1111
mzliz answered:
thanks faye, it was really easy once I got the extra templet made, could even make another one also
jones47551196188 asked:
do you have the pattern for this quilt..... it is beautiful and I would like to make this...... keep up the great work........ I envy you to be able to do such beautiful pieces and projects you do...
mzliz answered:
I'm sure there is a pattern out there somewhere, I just bought the Dresden plates which came with two templets, and my imagination
Enits asked:
This is beautiful. Would love to have the directions to make it for myself.
mzliz answered:
not really any directions, just using my imagination,
mlclark2981140 asked:
Could you tell us what size of templeates you made to achieve this pattern?
mzliz answered:
I bought a pkg from Joanns that had 2 of the templets in it, and made this one, even made a bigger one for my kitchen table, but the other one had to just the ole head and math to make a templet for the last row