T-shirt Rag Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is my first quilting project and my first sewing project since I took Home Ec back in the 1980's in Jr. High School.. I was surprised at how much I remembered! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be very aware that the material is STRETCHY! Oh and not the same stretchy... every t-shirt is different.. depending on how much it's been worn and washed. Even cutting this fabric is tricky.. just take your time with cutting and sewing. The squares can be as big or as small as you want.

What you will need

  • 24 T-shirts
  • lightweight quilt batting.

Q&A with Xta-Kat

ndiggs208229 asked:
I've made several t-shirt quilts, all with traditional sashing/borders/binding. I've also made rag quilts and totes, but never thought about making a rag t-shirt quilt! Neat idea. Great job!
Xta-Kat answered:
Thank you! I will pass that on to my Mother.. she was the one who came up with the idea! Such a smart lady!
Shona asked:
Brilliant idea, I've used family jeans to make a rag quilt for one of my sons and my other son loves his t-shirts so this idea would be great for him . Thanks for sharing .
Xta-Kat answered:
Thank you. It also ends up being much warmer than I expected as well.. now I have ideas for xmas presents as well.
Darcy422 asked:
To make working with T-shirts easier you need to use an Interfacing. You can get an Interfacing that is made to use especially for T-shirt quilts at a JoAnn's Fabric store as well as other stores that carry fabric. There will be directions with the Interfacing. You should allow a square of about 17 inches for each T-shirt picture you make. Hope this helps.
Xta-Kat answered:
I considered using interfacing, but I am lazy and wanted to see if I could get away without doing that extra step. I'm not sure if I will consider it for another quilt or not. I'm leaning more towards not doing it. At times it was a little awkward, but not enough for me to do that extra step or spend the extra money. I do think it's a great idea though. Thank you.
bluspider asked:
I like this idea, but I while I know the interfacing would make it more stable, i think that it would not do well in making the fringe around around each block. I would think if you used interfacing you would have to make it smaller and sew around the edge of it so you would have a nice looking fringe around the blocks.
Xta-Kat answered:
I have done a few of these now, and I have yet to put interfacing on any of them. When I did this project I simply used 15 inch squares for the t-shirts and 12.5 inch squares for the batting, perhaps the 12.5 would work well for the interfacing as well as it wouldn't interfere with the fringe at all! Wonderful idea!
miss freddie asked:
I guess I should have read all the comments before I commented lol
Xta-Kat answered:
I do that all of the time... haha!

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