Swoon Block #8

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I like the effect of the stack in the middle. What advice would you give someone starting this project? this is not a project for a beginner, although the quilt block is NOT difficult, it does take a bit of planning and if you are going to stack the centers...then you are making it a little more challenging. But Hey, go for it!

What you will need

  • Paula Nadelstern fabric for centers

Q&A with Applekrisp

Darns asked:
yet another great Swoon block -perfect stacknwhack center- you are a little crazy, though, to fussy cut the yellow swirls also - OCD anyone?
Applekrisp answered:
oh...i might resemble that!
Pam NZ asked:
ROFL at Darns comment... OCD and crazy... LOL I do believe she may be on the right track, but at least you put it to good use ;-) LOVE this one... love love LOVE it! Go you, altho perhaps you were going somewhere too fast and had your fall? Attention to detail also applies to where one steps ;-) Take care, and hope you're back to full steam soon coz I can't wait to see this one finished... and your BOM too... no pressure LOL.
Applekrisp answered:
Yup! definitely on the right track...hehe. I do try to focus it. Hey, why walk when you can run, or!
Boxinggirl asked:
Sorry to hear about your fall, hopefully you are on the way to a complete recovery. I am very anxious to see the completed quilt. You have done such an excellent job with the color co-ordination. There is no question that the finished project will be outstanding.
Applekrisp answered:
Thank you, I am feeling much better and anxious to finish it also!
Applekrisp asked:
After a nap today, I will finish the last block! Darns is my sister from another PamNZ...I run I was reflecting on my fall and flashed back to every time I fell as a kid on that knee and the tons of gravel I picked out. At least we know I have passed my bone density test! It's been a frustrating month of not being able to really get at it like I would like to. But I am well on the mend now and full of P & V! November will be mad crazy quilting!!!
Applekrisp answered:
Oh yes, Brinky...very good, I will have to use that in the future...pretty apt descriptor.
nbryant1956106 asked:
This is a beautiful block. Is there a pattern for it available?
Applekrisp answered:
yes, it's called the Swoon Quilt. I have a link for it on the other blocks, but if you google it you will find it. This is not exactly a true Swoon, although the pieces are all there, the fabric choices have created something a bit different. This is going to be my center block I think. Only one more to go!