Sunshine Symphony

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Breaking all the "rules". What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just let go & do whatever you want--"There are no Rules"!

What you will need

  • Silk
  • silk & rayon threads
  • glass beads
  • machine & hand embroidery.

Q&A with vjo

mimis quilts asked:
I really like that you did not just do straight up and down rows. I have not tackled that course yet but now I think I may go outside the box as well. thanks
vjo answered:
Thank you Mimi. Go for it! Back when I started landscaping I had to force myself to work in curves. Now I can't stand to work in straight lines.
mimis quilts asked:
So now that you mention landscaping and I look again at your work it looks somewhat like an aireal view of a park or yard. Very cool.
vjo answered:
That's an interesting perspective Mimi. Actually I guess there are parts that resemble the garden we built in NC & left behind.
Pam Sews asked:
I love that you've taken the technique and made it your own - it looks very different from the others and it's wonderful! It even looks like you had fun!
vjo answered:
Thank you Pam--I figure if I can't have fun why bother.
Carol Ann Waugh asked:
I absolutely LOVE how you took the techniques and created something unique. This is one of the most interesting Stupendous Stitching pieces I've seen. Thanks for sharing!
vjo answered:
Thanks Carol. Loff forward to more of your classes.
beadqueen58 asked:
Breaking the rules works, mother of creativity. Fabulous!
vjo answered:
Thank you for your very kind words. Yes, rules are made to be broken!

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