Sunset Sentinel

You Can Make This

Cathy Geier made Sunset Sentinel with:

  • Cotton fabrics
  • batiks
  • tulle

Q&A with Cathy Geier

Denise S asked:
Beautiful. The detail in the tree is amazing. Love the luminosity.
Cathy Geier answered:
patrycrof1673651 asked:
Love it !! much work ?? How many hours did it take ??
Cathy Geier answered:
Many many, lol. I think I worked on it a little each week for a couple of months. I'm too busy with family life, etc to work on projects everyday. Usually I don't get 1-2 days a week to sew if that so it is hard to tally up the hours. I can tell you that I had to make two 12 x 17 inch confetti/tulle hunks and each one took 2 hours or so. So we're at 4 hours just for the tree foliage. I did blog about it on my blog - Thanks for the compliments!
Britei asked:
What size is your silhouette tree quilt? It's amazing!
Cathy Geier answered:
Thank you. The quilt is 43 x 39.5 inches. I'm glad you like it. :)
Edies Designs asked:
Absolutely wonderful! You have done an awesome job with this! Thank you for sharing a photo!
Cathy Geier answered:
Thanks! I'm glad you like it. :)
HeatherIsaacson asked:
Very well done!
Cathy Geier answered:
Thanks Heather!

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Get your first class for only $14.99