Sunflowers on the Plains

Project Description

What was your inspiration? My 2011 entry for the Alliance for American Quilts Contest. The theme this year is Alliance: People, Pattern, Passion. Received an Honrable Mention and was featured in the Readers Quilts in the April/May 2012 issue of Quilters Newsletter. Sunflowers on the Plains I live in North Dakota, one of the least populated and thought to be the least visited states in the Union. Located in the upper Midwest , it is a vast and sweeping landscape. From the fertile Red River Valley in the east, abundant with fields of wheat, corn and sunflowers to the vast plains and rolling hills leading to the Badlands in the west, there is a majesty in the patterns and people of North Dakota. Nothing could be more lonely and nothing more beautiful than the view at nightfall across the prairies to these huge hill masses, when the lengthening shadows had at last merged into one and the faint after-glow of the red sunset filled the west. Theodore Roosevelt

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Q&A with Amy R. Munson

CCG asked:
Spectacular! I want to make sunflowers like that too!
Amy R. Munson answered:
Thank you, check out my blog for more of my fiber collage style. http://in-the-fold.blogspot.com/search/label/Fiber%20Collage
Jjjki asked:
Beyond lovely!
Amy R. Munson answered:
Thank you again, I really like how this quilt came together and really combined the traditional and art quilting.

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