Sunburn on the Beach Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Thank you Angela Walters . . . what a fabulous class. I am learning how to navigate swirls and leaves on my long arm machine in Angela Walters' awesome Craftsy Online Class "Machine Quilting Negative Spaces". Thank you Angela for helping me get comfortable with all the basic S, curls, swirls, circles, and then pointy leaves. I practiced the pointy leaves--then suddenly I got the bright idea to morf those pointy stitches into solar flare flames to the applique circles on this sunburn/beach quilt. Way cool. I am having a ball. Thanks to Angela's "Machine Quilting Negative Spaces"--I'm getting personalized training--and my once wobbly swirls are looking more fluid. I can feel it getting smoother too--my speed has increased with practice. I'm so happy! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Craftsy Online Courses give you the confidence and success you deserve.

What you will need

  • Primary colors Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

Q&A with Shoestring

Shoestring asked:
Hey there jlowder. Yes, yes, I totally understand the quest for getting the tension right using the long arm machine. Seriousl--I confess I brought my long arm home from the store on May 13, and the first 3 days I tore my hair out fussing with the bobbin tension. Last weekend I quilted my first practice quilt--two sheets w/batting for my brother who is not picky, just to get comfortable with driving the long arm. Then I signed up for Angela Walter's class--and that made all the different in the world. Things are getting better each time I practice. This past week my speed improved, and the motion is smoother with tips and technique I learned in Angela's class. The most important idea I grasped from her class is, if you mess up, just giddy up and go on, life is too short to rip out machine quilted stitches. So, I'm a middle lane driver right now . . . not too slow, not too fast, just getting the hang of the beast, learning the anatomy of the swirl, leaf, circles. My traveling stitches are much better on this quilt as compared to my first practice quilt. Also, I'm auditioning different threads by brand name--and each time I do, I have to tweak the tension again, UGH. So, I really understand when you mentioned getting the thread tension right. I wonder . . . will I have any hair left on my head by the end of the month? Mercy.
Shoestring answered:

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