Sun/Moon Hex colorwash

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Finishing!!! I will square it up and take the most outer papers out once it's time to put it with the rest of the quilt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? You need some patience and lots of scraps. Try moving them around and taking several photos before choosing their final spot. I actually had my children come help at times.

Q&A with Mindy690

Northwoods Pat asked:
Wow. What a cool idea -- doing the whole square in hexis. You have a lot of patience!
Mindy690 answered:
It's actually a little easier for me to do hand stuff right now. With littleones under foot all the time I get lots of 10-20 minute breaks but not many big ones so it is easy to pick up the hand sewing and continue. But Yes...lots of patience is required!
Michelleapril74 asked:
Love it! I am going to try and figure out how to make this. I'm guessing that I just need to sew each patch together.? I hope so. :)
Mindy690 answered:
I'm glad you like it. Yes, just follow Amy's instructions as far as basting them onto the papers then just sew them onto each other using a whip stitch. Try to use as thin a needle as you can and fine thread that way the stitches won't show AS much. You can switch your thread colors to match the pieces your working with if you want but I just went with white.