Stupendous Stitching Collage

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I never waste any of my work. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't throw anything away! Think about your scraps as another design opportunity!

What you will need

  • When I trim my pieces to the size I want
  • I have lots of strips left over. I arrange them into a collage and voila! A new artwork is created!

Q&A with Carol Ann Waugh

Boxy asked:
Absolutely marvellous Carol. How large is it? i.e. what are the sizes of the smaller pieces?
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
It measures 7" x 10" so the smaller pieces are an inch or less in size.
Stephanie91 asked:
Carol, it's simply fabulous! (As is most the stuff you do). But, please share your secret, how did you piece your strips together? I first looked at it and thought you overlapped the strips and then zigzagged them together, and then when I looked at them again I thought, maybe that's not how you sewed them. Either way the piece is a work of art. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
I wondered when someone would ask that question! I am happy to tell you. I placed rattail cord between each strip and then sewed it together with a large zigzag stitch. Easy!
Liz J Fox asked:
I don't have a stash of rattail, could I use satin stitch instead?
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
Try it! If it doesn't work, you could use any other type of yarn/rope to insert between the edges.