String Theory

Project Description

What was your inspiration? From the very start of this quilt I was inspired. The base fabric, a batik, has lots of visual texture. In making this quilt, I wanted to add to that texture. I also wanted to add more color to intensify the visual impact of the quilt. I also happen to love bright bold colors. As I worked on this quilt I noticed a flow begin to develop. Areas were stitched, not in a planned order, but rather as inspiration came. I let the quilt tell me what it wanted rather than trying to plan everything out. Symbols that have personal meaning, such as the spiral, were incorporated into the design. There are a lot of organic shapes that emerged as the quilt took form. Various areas were filled with hand stitches but also some machine stitches. In places, threads were woven through other stitches. Much like our lives, the combination, working together added strength to the whole. I sometimes used more than one thread in the needle as I had sewed. This allowed some subtle color shifts that would not be possible with a single thread. It also created a few challenges in the hand stitching. It was a great learning process for me. I chose the title String Theory for a couple of reasons. In science, string theory is a contender as a theory of everything. It is a way of attempting to describe the natural world and its wonder. I am fascinated by the higher sciences. The second reason is that every part of the quilt is made up of strings. Some of them are visible and some are hidden. I found the wordplay in the title appealing to me creatively.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric and batting
  • various threads
  • both cotton and polyester.

Q&A with Gene B

Aussie Wombler asked:
Absolutely gorgeous:) Beautiful job <3
Gene B answered:
Thank you!
MsDanni asked:
Great colours!
Gene B answered:
Thank you, I love color and blues toward the "green side" are my favorite. Of course this piece has every color in the rainbow.
SuzyCraftmaker asked:
Very artistic and a great amplification of the heart of the fabric.
Gene B answered:
Thank you so much.
jdetorre asked:
Gene B answered:
Thank you!
Kelly3814 asked:
This is amazing! I love it!
Gene B answered:
Thanks Kelly!