String-Patch Quilted Bag

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I tried a different quilting pattern than I usually use on string-quilt patterns, and am quite pleased with it. What advice would you give someone starting this project? It is an easy design to do without a pattern. Anyone with just a little sewing experience can probably think it through. I did put a very heavy interfacing behind the dark blue tabs to which I attached the magnetic snaps for extra strength.

What you will need

  • cotton fabrics
  • batting
  • heavy interfacing behind tabs
  • magnetic snaps
  • zipper

Q&A with AllThatPatchwor

lizkay asked:
can you get this pattern
AllThatPatchwor answered:
I didn't use a pattern but designed it as I went. Unfortunately, I haven't written it up as a pattern, either. Maybe someday I should. But if you have some sewing experience, you could easily design one similar yourself. If you don't feel confident just doing it, you might want to take the Craftsy course "Design Your Own Handbag," in which you'd learn how to do a whole variety of techniques.
Davesmom asked:
What size is your bag? Love the colors and different size stripes!
AllThatPatchwor answered:
Thanks. The bag was 12.5 inches square with a 40-inch strap.
marlene.w6881796 asked:
AllThatPatchwor answered:
Sorry, there is no pattern. I did it as a design-as-you-go project. But it is very simple to do. If you have much sewing experience, I'll bet you could do a similar one yourself by just looking at the photos and thinking through what size pieces would be needed.