Strawberry Sweet

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Turned out cute and bright. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Look for ways to use fussy cute prints to showcase the print. And, as always, just have fun.

What you will need

  • Quilting cottons
  • batting
  • basic sewing and quilting supplies.

Q&A with Karen Louise

snuggle asked:
this is a stunning quilt that should be past down through the generations. its so well made and looks solid that as i said an ideal heirloom gift to treasure. very well done. just wish i could have a copy of the pattern. stunning
Karen Louise answered:
try Michelle Crawford's web site flowerboxquilts.com. It was in Dec/Jan 2011 Quilter Magazine.
snuggle asked:
Thank you Karen Louise, your very kind words have gave me an incentive and more than that i'd say the push i needed to get back on my machines. My mother died 2 years past 8th june and as the eldest of 6 i nursed her at home for a while before she went into hospital. I've taken her passing really bad and the therapy i received didn't help so im in a bit of a rut at the moment. My husband believes strongly that as we were very close and the age difference when you get older doesn't seem as big as we think when we're young. My mother had only turned 77 yrs old and i was 58 so when i think of it that way he could be right. In Scotland everybody gets a free bus pass when we turn the age of 60 which we can use to travel anywhere in Scotland and although my husband and i have a car i used to say to my mother well mum never mind you and I will go a good run in a bus { even though i hate a bus } away up north and have a long weekend touring parts of the highlands that she had never been to. My mother thought it was hilarious that her and i would be travelling together with our old age pensioners bus pass when she still saw me as her bairn { baby } she was looking forward to it no end but it wasn't to be Karen Louise. However looking on the bright side she used to laugh until she cried with laughter. That is a memory of my mother that makes me smile. I don't believe i'm sitting here on my chair with my laptop telling a complete stranger about this. I don't know what it is Karen Louise but it's very strange but although we are complete strangers i get a wonderful homely vibe from you. I haven't spoken to my closest friends like i am writting to you. Anyway as i said you have given me the incentive to get back on my machines which for the first time in a while i feel really good about. Keep in touch Karen Louise. I've just thought about something that is probably a coincidence but ive got a cousin Karen and her daughter is named Louise. Strange or what. I'll be quilting all day tomorrow and hopefully finish the project thats lying on my table so that i can try and attempt your one. luv betty xx
Karen Louise answered:
Good morning Betty, my new Scottish friend. I will give you my e-mail so that you may write if you wish. It is tinker1karen@yahoo.com
GmaMK asked:
This is a really lovely quilt, Karen Louise! Love the pattern and colors you used!
Karen Louise answered:
Thank you.