Created by: Michael Chylinski

Stitching On Grosgrain

You Can Make This

Michael Chylinski made Stitching On Grosgrain with:

Stupendous Stitching

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Stupendous Stitching

with Carol Ann Waugh

Q&A with Michael Chylinski

Lynda F asked:
Michael Chylinski answered:
Thank you. I had the idea before I took the class. Had no idea how to use decorative stitches or how to do cool hand stitching. I used stabilizer on ribbon just as if fabric. It still swirled just fine.
SanJax asked:
What a clever idea, to dress up a hat band. BTW, love the hat. Did you make it too?
Michael Chylinski answered:
Yes. I make my own hat blocks and block hats; it was just a floppy beanie like thing I got at a thrift store for 50 cents.