Stitching all my stitches

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I have started this Stitch book project. I had my sewing machine for five year and always had the intention to make a catalogue over the stitches and now I almost have it!

What you will need

  • The fabric is Cotton and I used different threads: cotton
  • Rayon
  • metallic

Q&A with Eva testar

Thread Head asked:
You have some great stitches on your machine. Love the ones with the wing needle and how they look as a couching stitch.
Eva testar answered:
Yes great stitches but actually a litle to many.... I dont think I ever going to use them all. To make all this samples was a good oportunity to try different ways to do the stitches. I sew a line of wing needle stitches an after that i put in the stripes.
Scheri Manson asked:
Eva testar answered:
Thank you Sheri, it have been fun and educating to explore all the stitches in my machine. Have some more to do.... feels like a never ending story
Davesmom asked:
What is a wing needle? Your machine looks like it can do anything you want it to do. What kind of machine do you have?
Eva testar answered:
I try to take a photo of the needle tomorrow and post it here so you can see for yourself. It is a needle with wings on both sides. It makes the holes a litle bigger than usual and the stitches looks nearly handmade hemstitching (dont know the exact word for it in english) My machine is a Husqvarna Viking Designer SE. A swedish machine.
Davesmom asked:
I think I saw a wing needle for a sewing machine on the week-end, while I was shopping for some thread. Do you like the wing needle?
Eva testar answered:
I like how the stitches come out but I have not used it in anything more than some samples. I think I like to try them on a blouse, Between tucks perhaps?
TheQuiltBender asked:
Oh wow! Very impressive.
Eva testar answered:
Yes, I thought about this for five years (!) since I bought this machine with so many possibilities and now I,m actually making this stitch catalogue. That is the main reason to join this craftsy class: Carol Ann Waugh said Make it! and I started makin it. Sometimes it is nice to have someone else to push you... And I learned a lot of useful stitches

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