Stitch & Slash Art

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Solving the problem of attaching all the pieces to the background. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is a lot of fun. I teach how to create art/fabric like this in my Stitch & Slash class. Join me!

What you will need

  • Commercial Cotton Fabric
  • Thread Seam ripper

Q&A with Carol Ann Waugh

Ophelie asked:
This is so.... "addictive " , I just couldn't stop working on my piece .. Thanks. Amazing class.
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
Happy to hear that. I hope you are having fun..!
jchalkides@gmail.com asked:
Love this class. I hesitate to ask lol should it be obvious to me or Is it a secret as to how you DID attach all the pieces to the background? Did you make small stitch and slash pieces, cut them out then applique them onto another piece of fabric?
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
Many people have asked me about this. I made all the rectangles and squares separately and then designed them on a large black cotton background. Then I stitched each rectangle to the background, added more machine stitching, trimmed the edges and finished with rattail binding.
Stephanie91 asked:
What is rattail binding?
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
I teach this technique in my Stupendous Stitching class.

Skill Level