Stitch Dictionary

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Sorry, but the photos are a bit blurry. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have fun with it :) My little 10-year-old boys made a page like this with me; it was a great way to teach them the basics of threading the machine, winding the bobbin, and feeding the fabric through the machine.

What you will need

  • This is a simple machine stitch dictionary that I worked on to describe the stitches available for my sewing machine. I used feathered friends hex fabric for the edge/binding
  • semi solid gray fabric for the page
  • and cream thread / blue-green thread for the stitches.

Q&A with Mary Shaw

Mpwartstudio asked:
Seeing the various ways the "stitch bible" is executed is motivating for me to get started. Thanks! I'm glad you added the idea of your 10-year olds doing this. I am planning to have art classes for my grandchildren this summer. This would be a great starting point for quilting
Mary Shaw answered:
Yes, jump in and get started! This project is such a good ice-breaker when it comes to a sewing machine, because it's easy to do the stitches, and you can focus on learning (or teaching) the basics of threading the machine and winding the bobbin. And it's so hard to make a real mistake. My children and I all immediately felt successful. It's a perfect first/exploratory project, and a great way to get comfortable with your machine if it's new or you've been away from machine sewing for a while.
ohhic1074502 asked:
This looks great! What a great idea to involve your sons. I love how you did the edge binding, too.
Mary Shaw answered:
Thanks so much! I didn't originally plan on involving my kids, but one of them appeared behind me, watching what I was doing (he isn't usually like that!). He appeared so interested that I asked him if he wanted to help, and he loved the idea. My other one soon wanted a turn, and it became a group project. The edge is a simple quilting binding. Fold a 2 1/2" stip of cloth in half, press, machine stitch like another layer of the "sandwich." Then stretch the finished fabric over the edge of the sandwich and hand-stitch on the back.
Sizzlewaggle asked:
I like "dictionary". I also love that you are teaching your boys. My kids weren't too interested when small, but my son is a great appreciator of my sewing art, and my 31 year-old daughter is now getting sewing lessons. Gotta pass it on!
Mary Shaw answered:
Yes, the term "Bible" doesn

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