Stitch Bible

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I LOVE being able to look up my sitches prior to stitching them out. Now I am also making a Stitch Bible for all of my Lettering samples that I have with my Embroidery machine (which will 14 full size pages in itself - but worthwhile) What advice would you give someone starting this project? I didn't change my width or length during the stitch out BECAUSE I had SO many to do - and many of them would be worthless to record - I do however wish that I would have only stitched 2 per line rather than 3 (however it would have made MORE pages :-)) AND I do wish I had not used the gromets but rather maybe a large buttonhole or something of the sort. (I am 'tempted' to do it over - but ..... no. :-)

Q&A with SandiePink

Korissa2 asked:
I like the gromets.
SandiePink answered:
but they make the 'book' thick on that end :-/
Carol Ann Waugh asked:
I love your cover and your perseverance. Hopefully, this reference will serve you well in the future!
SandiePink answered:
Thank you for your acknowledgement - AND - for YOUR inspiration! :-)
Kellie asked:
Which Viking? I just got my first one and it's the Ruby. I hope I made a good decision. I think so. I love love love it. Can't wait to make my stitch bible.
SandiePink answered:
I got the Ruby too! And yes I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it too! :-) (Never regreted once not getting a Diamond!) :-) PS This is my 5th Viking (still have 2)
HappyDays asked:
Love your finished book! I have a Viking diamond with tons of stitches....would like to get mine done...but it honestly overwhelmed me. Very exciting and encouraging to see one completed. Guess I better get to work. Great job!
SandiePink answered:
I made one also for all of my Lettering on my 'Ruby' and it has turned out to be the most valuable - especially when it comes to making labels
Esther ipatchandquilt asked:
What a great idea! Love what you did!
SandiePink answered:
Thanks! I really use mine a LOT!