Stitch Bible Pfaff

What you will need

  • Cotton
  • stabilizer
  • cotton and polyester thread
  • grommets
  • rattail binding

Q&A with Kathy Riggs

mo.sews asked:
Wow! What an undertaking! Yet I need to do that to take to my sewing machine shop... the decorative stitches (especially the letters and the big items) seem to get off-balance easily! But I do love my Pfaff.
Kathy Riggs answered:
Maybe your tensioning is off. I was arguing with my machine until I read somewhere that when you change thread the presser foot must be in the full UP position when you insert the thread through the tensioner or it doesn't work correctly. Was a relief when I discovered that bit of info. Reading the manual is difficult because it was written by Germans in German, then translated to English. It is organized in a way not easy for me to find what I'm looking for

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